Industrial Product Design and Development Services

We are a process-driven organization helping industrial and manufacturing businesses with product design and development services by adopting advanced design engineering techniques. CAD modeling is used during the product design stage to assess the product's function, appearance, marketability, and manufacturability.

The 3D model is crucial for convincing investors of the worth of your product. When creating an excellent product, manufacturing, and design elements are crucial. When the engineering and design of a product work together smoothly, they can create an amazing product.

To help our clients to reduce production costs and obtain high-quality products, we develop items with a strong focus on aesthetics and ergonomics. Any small to big project can be completed by our skilled product designers. Our team of talented product designers actively develops and implements innovative design solutions to address engineering challenges, optimize marketing and sales efforts, and enhance brand development.

Product Design Services We Offer

We offer Product Design and Development Services in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and many other cities in India.

Product Design Services

Product design services refer to the professional services of creating and developing new products. These services typically involve various stages which include market research, ideation (Brainstorming), prototyping, testing, and manufacturing. The ultimate goal of industrial product design services is to create innovative, functional, and aesthetically pleasing products that meet industrial needs.

Product Design

Product Design Process

Product engineers go through a set of processes in the engineering design process to solve a problem. The procedures include techniques for solving problems, such as choosing your objectives and constraints, prototyping, testing, and evaluations.

In general, engineering product design is a process of developing new products through effective concept creation and idea-generating. The process of turning a concept into a product and making it available for sale to the end customer is known as the product design process.

  1. DEFINE - define the problem or requirement
  2. IDENTIFY - identify constraints on your solution (eg time, material, cost) and criteria for success
  3. IDEATE/BRAINSTORM - brainstorm multiple solutions for the problem
  4. SELECT - select the most feasible solution
  5. DESIGN - detailed engineering design of the product
  6. PROTOTYPE - prototype your solutions and design
  7. TEST - test and evaluate your prototype
  8. ITERATE - iterate to improve your prototype
  9. REPEAT - repeat to constantly improve your product

For more information on how we can help you build a better product right from concept, get in touch with us now. Contact us for 3D Product Design and Development Solutions. Kindly specify your project requirements and desired file type required.

Concept Design and Development Process

Concept Design: Concept design is the initial warm-up to a marathon race. It demonstrates the issues the product will address, how it will do so, and how it will feel when it does so. Concept design is the phase of product development that requires the most creativity.

Multiple Ideas: Multiple ideas for the product to make it fully efficient to use and avoid any major alteration at the time of prototyping.

Sample Prototype: Make a prototype for the manufacturing process and avoid any major alteration as it costs more if alterations occur during production.

Client Feedback: Getting confirmation or feedback from the client after the design is ready for production.

Concept Development: Bringing the design into reality

At RA Global, we have had the chance to collaborate on product design and development processes with a diverse range of companies. It might be challenging to determine the optimal course of action for the development of your new product. To arrange a free product design consultation to understand how we can assist you or to set you on the correct course, click here.