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Convert 2D designs into 3D models

Transform your 2D ideas, designs, and drawings into 3D models with our expert solutions. Our expert team not only enables you to digitally design, visualize and simulate your most complex ideas, but we also ease the transition from 2D to 3D design and engineering processes.

Our designers transform your 2D designs into a useable and exportable 3D model format and level of detail.  the engineering team has years of experience and offers a wide range of software-enabled services to convert 2D to 3D, which can help with 3D Printing, 3D model distribution, computer simulation, reliability tests, and other applications.

2D to 3D Conversion Services from RA Global

We provide a wide range of CAD conversion services, such as PDF to CAD translation, and AutoCAD conversion. You will receive professional service from a company with many years of expertise working on your projects when you hire us to handle your 2D to 3D conversion needs.

RA Global can offer the following services for 2D to 3D conversion:

Product Design - The first step is to convert your 2D drawings into a 3D CAD to test, validate, and analyze the final product design. To make this type of conversion a reality, we can assist you.

Prototyping or 3D Printing - Utilizing the 2D to 3D conversion services from RA Global will give a 3D file that can be fed into a 3D printer and convey the true design intent of your product. We can check the form, fit, and tolerances before taking it into manufacturing. This is a good clarification to the production team.

Product Simulation - You can put your newly created 3D model through a stress test, fatigue, failure analysis, thermal, or any of the boundary conditions the product is subjected to in the end application. This aids in the overall product development cycle and helps us in developing safe and quality products. 

Design for Manufacturing - 2D to 3D conversion also facilitates us in designing optimum products. A 3D model can be optimized for weight, manufacturing process, and reduced overall product cost.

3D Product Rendering - A 3D model created from 2D conversion helps the marketing team with stunning rendered images. Our team has extensive experience in creating stunning visuals, 3D rendered images, walkthroughs, and animations that can be used in product promotion even before prototyping or manufacturing. Know more about our 3d product rendering services.

Whatever your goals and requirements, we have the team and expertise to deliver 2D to 3D conversion. We have serviced many clients in converting 2D CAD, Paper drawings to native CAD formats such as Solidworks, Solidedge, etc.

Why Outsource CAD Conversion services to RA Global?

You can be certain that RA Global is using only the best professionals to work on your next conversion project by using the state-of-the-art software and tools mentioned above. All tasks will be completed skillfully and according to your needs.

  • Work is carried out as per international standards
  • Our team targets 100% accuracy or higher backed by quality managers
  • A wide range of Input and Export file types supported
  • State-of-the-art software and Technical 
  • Data security and compliances
  • Best pricing and timely solution

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