3D Scanning Services

Using 3D scanning technology, three-dimensional (3D) objects can be created. You will be able to make a digital replica of a real-world object using our 3D scanning service. It has become a viable method for creating a 3D virtual model of an existing physical part or an object.

Do you want to make a 3D model? We will be thrilled to assist. Our 3D scanning services will guarantee you a high-quality and accurate product with an easy process that is available at a very affordable price!

RA Global, with its offices in Mumbai and Pune, India, is prepared to help you with our extensive knowledge, industry-leading scanners, and design tools. Our 3D scanner is portable, allowing us to scan on-site or in our studio, indoors or outdoors.

Looking for 3D Scanning Services in Mumbai or Nearby?

RA Global is a pioneering company in 3D scanning, reverse engineering, and product design, providing the most advanced and cost-effective 3D Scanning Services in Mumbai.

At RA Global, we offer a wide range of 3D scanning solutions for various industries, including Manufacturing, Automotive, Construction, and Architectural. We also have experts to help you convert your 2D drawings or sketches into 3D models.

We offer our clients add-ons like onsite service, customised packages, and more. If you need any help with 3D Scanning, do not hesitate to ask our 3d scanning specialists! We are your nearby 3D Scanning Service provider in Mumbai.

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3D Scanning Process

OBJECT/ PHYSICAL PART - The part is cleaned of burs, oil deposition, or impurities.

SCAN/CAPTURE - After calibration of the 3D scanner the part is scanned using the 3D scanner as per geometry.

POST PROCESSING - The 3D scanned data is cleaned of unnecessary data. Alignment is done as per requirement.

EXPORT - The point cloud data/mesh is exported to STL/OBJ file format for reverse engineering.

3D Scanning


3D Scanning Service Workflow

1. Contact Us and Share an image of the part to be 3D Scanned. Alternatively, you can get a quick quote by sending the image on WhatsApp.

2. You receive an instant quote and deliverable details. We provide 3D data in STEP/IGES/Parasolid file formats. and 2D and manufacturing drawings in DWG, DXF, and PDF file formats. We can also provide Parametric CAD in SolidWorks and SolidEdge.

3. Upon approval, we pick up the part for the 3D scanning service free of cost. For large and heavy parts we offer on-site 3D scanning, we bring the 3D scanner to your workplace and perform an on-site 3D Scanning.

4. Our application engineer then 3D scans the part with the suitable 3D scanner as per your part geometry, application, and end accuracy requirements.

5. Our design engineer converts the 3D scanned file into a native CAD file, performs a quality check, and delivers the files.

6. We email or transfer the deliverables to you.

Types of 3D Scanning Services

Meterology 3D Scanning

Metrology 3D Scanning


Faro Long Range Scanning


Faro Long Range Scanning


Why choose 3D Scanning Services from RA Global?

  • No size limitation of object/part/layout to be 3D scanned
  • Accuracy of 3D scanning data and accuracy of CAD model delivery
  • Instant Quote, Quick Delivery of 3D scan and CAD data
  • Experienced professionals with professional tools
  • Flexibility in 3D scanning onsite or offsite
  • Cost-effective and economical pricing

We provide various other services including 3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering, 3D Digital Sculpting, 3D CAD / Product Design, Engineering Services, 3D Printing, and 3D Inspection Services in Mumbai and Pune.