Einscan PRO 2X

EinScan Pro 2X Multi-Functional Handheld 3D Scanner

RA Global provides high-quality 3D Scanning Services with its Handheld Portable 3D Scanner. The truly portable and versatile handheld 3D scanner for high-precision results.

Portable & User-Friendly Design

Similar to the other handheld 3D scanners developed by Shining 3D, the EinScan Pro 2X is both light and compact in size, which makes it extremely versatile. Weighing just over 1kg, you can take this 3D scanner with you anywhere, pushing the limits of what you can capture far beyond what a stationary system can offer. This system is ideal for scanning small to medium-sized objects at an incredibly high speed without sacrificing quality.

Shining 3d einscan pro2x

Professional 3D digitization solution for a wide range of applications - in the simplest possible way

  • Light and compact - which makes it extremely versatile
  • Offers an improved portable HD scan mode and an extended scanning area
  • Captures 3D models of medium to large objects with high efficiency
  • Including Solid Edge SHINING 3D Edition
Einscan Pro2X


Scan Accuracy

Handheld HD Scan

up to 0.05 mm

Handheld Rapid Scan

up to 0.1 mm

Fixed scan with turntable

0.04 mm‪ (single-shot accuracy)

Fixed scan without a turntable

0.04 mm (single-shot accuracy)

Volumetric Accuracy

Handheld HD Scan

0.3 mm/m

Handheld Rapid Scan

0.3 mm/m

Scan Speed

Handheld HD Scan

20 fps 100,000 points/s 7 data capture lines

Handheld Rapid Scan

30 fps 1,500,000 points/s

Fixed scan with turntable

Single Scan: < 1 s

Fixed scan without a turntable

Single Scan: < 1 s


Net Weight

1.13kg (include the USB3.0 cable)

Supported OS

Win 7, Win 8, Win 10, 64 bit

Recommended configuration

Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX1060 and higher; video memory: >4G, processor: I7-8700, memory: 32G; interface: high-speed USB 3.0

Required configuration

Graphics card: Quadro card P1000 and above or NVIDIA GTX660 and higher; processor: Intel (R) Xeon E3-1230, Intel (R) I5-3470, Intel (R) I7-3770; interface: high-speed USB 3.0; memory: 8G

Single Scan Range

135*100 mm——225*170 mm

Depth of Field

±100 mm

Working Distance

400 mm

Output Formats


Light Source


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