Product Engineering and Rapid Prototyping

To create a product of the highest order, the product development process is important. We examine multiple avenues for product improvement throughout the product development process. In order to have the appropriate material properties, we perform material research. To maximize the benefits to our customers, we ensure intelligent ergonomic design, form, and function. To comprehend how complex products interact with the environment, we perform product simulation

A prototype is never "just" a prototype.

At every stage of the product development process, prototypes are crucial. You need prototypes that adhere to your specifications. You need prototypes that satisfy your specifications if you want to perform form, fit, and function tests or use a model that accurately represents the real thing to verify your design.

Rapid Prototyping

In order to understand the physical form, fit, and functionality of a design prototype is made. Since 3D printing is better suited for small-scale productions, it is the most preferred means of rapid prototyping.

Choose Rapid Prototyping When You Need….

  • Shorter lead time
  • Cost-effective
  • Good dimensional accuracy
  • High-quality finishing options

The following technologies are available from RA Global to give you the ideal material properties and accuracy for your design validation,

Fused Deposition Modeling / FDM / FFF
Selective Laser Sintering / SLS
Stereolithography / SLA
Digital Light Processing / DLP