P13 MSLA 3D Printer

Revolutionize Your Prototyping with Our SLA 3D Printing Services

Discover precision and perfection with our SLA 3D Printing Services, an ideal match for the P13 SLA 3D Printer. Our 3D printing services are tailored to bring your designs to life, offering unparalleled detail and accuracy. Whether it's for intricate prototypes, complex models, or detailed parts, our SLA 3D Printing Services, powered by the advanced capabilities of the P13 SLA 3D Printer, ensure that every creation is a masterpiece. Elevate your 3D printing experience with services that redefine quality and efficiency.

Large size desktop based SLA 3D Printer

Large Printing Volume
Printing size of 277x156x380mm, large printing size allows to 3D print large parts.

Functional and Efficient
Flexible parameter setting makes the operators set the 3D printing parameter, and adjust the UV light power and the Z-Axis movement speeds on the printer directly.

High-Quality Printing
Due to stable Z-Axis movement, P13 prints parts with high accuracy resulting in high-quality 3D printed parts.

Heated Chamber for Successful 3D Prints
With the 2 heating outlets, the heating system of P13 enables more uniform heat in the printing chamber, which ensures a high 3D printing success rate even in a low-temperature environment. 

Auto-Sensing Light
With the P13's auto-sensing design, the P13 print room can still be seen clearly in dimly lit environments.
* The light has been tested to have no curing effect on the resin.

Product Description