3D Scanning, Reverse Engineering

Count on our expertise in 3d scanning, reverse engineering if you need to generate 3D CAD models from existing objects (as-built), whether to determine the original design intent, modernize manufacturing processes, or design a new part to fit a legacy part, for instance.

We help our customers at any stage of the product development process to deliver 3D CAD models and STL files with the proper reverse engineering tools.

  • 3D modeling of objects of all sizes
  • Parametric 3D modeling in generic or native file formats
  • Reconstruction from 3D scanning data, 2D drawings, sketches, etc.
  • Hybrid modeling (design intent and as-built)
  • Design modification from existing objects
  • Data preparation for simulation
  • Advanced Class-A surface modeling and Class-B surfacing
  • Part design for injection molding (e.g. draft angle analysis, shrinkage ratio)
Example of Reverse Engineering

Features of Industrial 3D Scanning 

  • Reverse Engineering                          
  • Enhanced Precision for large objects
  • Part Inspection                                    
  • Scan to 3D files in less than 1Day
  • Mass Inspection                                  
  • Intuitive data capture
  • 3D Printing                                           
  • Complex Metrological Measurements